British Isles Alumni Tour 2013

The Alumni Association sponsored a trip to the British Isles July 18-28, 2013. We visited five countries and covered 1,500 miles with a group of 36 alumni and friends. It was a wonderful trip, full of history, friendship, and laughter. Join us next summer for another exciting destination. 


Group Photo

(Top Row, left to right) Gary Rexinger, Elwyn Rexinger, Sam Carvajal, Robert Goyne, Gary Barker, Lindsay Paden, Darrell Ludders, Damian Donesky, Jonathan Erich, Stephen Batten. (Second Row from the top, left to right) Martin (car driver), Hedi Rexinger, Grace Carvajal, Barbara Goyne, Gwendolyn Barker, Laurie Paden, Vicki Ludders, Katey Donesky, Susan Erich, Nicole Batten. (Second Row from the bottom, left to right) Rachel Thomas (Tour Guide), Roger Lindner, Carole Lindner, Ira Bailie, Rita Bailie, Dottie Crane, Lee Crane. (Front Row, left to right) Franz Fisher, Iberay Fisher, Joseph Craft, Tiffany Craft, Jeffery Joe, Goretti Li, Erin Joe, Roger Hadley, Donna Hadley, Sotero Escarza, Patti Escarza.


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