Perpetual Members

Only Triple Diamond, Double Diamond, Diamond, and Platinum Perpetual Members are listed by name. For Gold and Silver Members, only new members for the current year are listed.

Five-Star Diamond $125,000

Plaque for Diamond Perpetual Members(1 Alumnus)
Weldon Schumacher 62

Triple Diamond $75,000

(1 Alumnus)
Ronald R. Scott 43


Double Diamond $50,000

(3 Alumni)
Anton N. Hasso 67 (pending)
Marilyn J. Herber 58
Donald I. Peterson 47
Mark E. Reeves 92

Bold type = 2013 New Members

Diamond $25,000 (26 Alumni)

Mickey N. Ask 79-A (pending)
Gary L. Baker 83 (pending) *
+ Geneva Beatty 37
Roy V. Berglund 54 *
Allen L. Brandt 52
Richard Duncan 53-A
Blaine A. Fowler 77-A
Glenn D. Garbutt 66
Leo Herber 56
Raymond Herber 57
Steven C. Herber 86
+ Carl Jansen 63
+ Claran H. Jesse 44-A
Takkin Lo 86 (pending) *
+ Ewald Lonser 46
+ Leslie Low 48
Milo W. Loye 55
Robert D. Mitchell 47
Thaine B. Price 53-B
Elwyn L. Rexinger 68 *
Lowell W. Reynolds 91
Elmar P. Sakala 73-B
+Austin R. Sawvell 56
+ Donald L. Stilson 46
Mildred A R Stilson 46
William C. Swatek 49
Shirley Tan 71
Joseph J. Verska 55
Shane K. Williams 02

* = Joined 2012
Bold type = 2013 New Members

Platinum $15,000 (45 Alumni)

Donald E. Adams 97
Mickey N. Ask 79-A
Gary L. Baker 83
+ Melvin E. Beltz 45
Richard D. Catalano 76-B (Pending)
Claude H. Chan 53-B
Andrew P. Chen 90
David H. Creamer 04
Thuan T. Dang 84
John Elloway 64 (Pending)
Wayne S. Friestad 75
+ Armando C. Hernandez 52
Keith E. Holley 57
George Hszieh 68
+ F. Harriman Jones 37
+ C. Burton Keppler 65
David V. Kon 65
Edwin H. Krick 61 (pending)
Takkin Lo 86
Lawrence D. Longo 54 (pending)
Roland E. Lonser 67
Reuben Matiko 45
James H. Nelson 47
+ Thomas Clint Nelson Jr. 54
Virgil J. Nielsen 80-A
Karen N. Oshiro 78-A
Clifford Parmley 76-B (pending)
Peggy Patchett 87
Clifton D. Reeves 60
Nicholas E. Reiber 79-A
Dennis D. Reinke 79-A
Karl P. Sandberg 74
Marlowe H. Schaffner 46
Jess S. Simmons, Jr.  63 (pending)
Stephen J. Skahen 80-A
David G. Small 62
David E. Stabel 70
John C. Stockdale 58
Debra L. Stottlemyer  86 (pending)
+ Dennis A. Taylor 76-A
Joan M. Taylor 78-A
P. Basil Vassantachart 79-B
Victor A. Wallenkampf 76-A
Michael H. Walter 73-B
Clifford A. Walters 74 (pending)
+ Merle Wehner 44-B
Gary M. Wernick 73-B
+ James M. Whitlock 53-A
George J. Wiesseman 47
Glenn L. Wiltse 47
Nanette E. Wuchenich 78-A
Ernest S. Zane 56
+ Thomas J. Zirkle 62
Bold type = 2014 New Members

Gold $10,000 (225 Alumni)

Paul W. Anderson 55 (pending)
Robert Barker 78-B

Angelina P.Y. Cheng 96 (pending)
George J. Cheng 87 (pending)
Gregory D. Dietrich 92
Wayne S. Friestad 75 *
Robert E. Goyne 56
Richard H. Guth 73B (pending)
Thomas E. Hamilton 73-A
Anton N. Hasso 67 *
Steven W. Hildebrand 80-A (pending)
Robert L. Horner ’53A (pending)
Werner Leibold 65-aff (pending)
Alan L. Luk 84 (pending)
Emily K. Luk (pending)
Leena Mammen 90 (pending)
Debra L. Stottlemyer 86
Annie L. Wong 75 (pending)
Morton M. Woolley 51

* = Joined 2012

Bold type = 2013 New Members

Living 160
Deceased 65


Silver $5,000 (1,366 Alumni)

Luther Jonathan Bryant 98 (pending)
Deborah M. Carritte 86 (pending)
James A. Engelhart 84 (pending)
David Gentry 03-aff (pending)
Cherrie A. Heinrich 01
Wayne C. Levy 85 (pending)
Donald R. Massee 86  (pending)
Heather R. McKenzie 05  (pending)
Lovera Wolf Miller 77-A  (pending)
Robert K. Nakamura 77-B (pending)
Gerald A. Nystrom 80-A (pending)
Kerby C. Oberg 91 (pending)
Zachary J. Paul 14 (pending)
Samuel S. Paw 82 (pending)
Winston H. Richards 74 (pending)
Jeanett Rose Rylander 84 (pending)
David J. Shields 88 (pending)
Sondra E. Shields 89 (pending)
David Carson Stanford 86 (pending)
Tamara L. Thomas 87 (pending)
David C. Ward 08 (pending)
Sabrina C. Ward 08 (pending)
Richard I. Woods 78-A (pending)
Roland C. Zimmermann 66

Bold type = 2014 New Members

Living 827
Deceased 539


A Historical Note

“Dr. Walter B. Palmer, ’25 (117 East Eighth Street, Long Beach) became the first person to pay for a life membership in the Alumni Association. Dr. Palmer’s remittance makes history for the Association and entitles him to head the list of donors in this category. The officers of the Alumni Association appreciate the generous help of this alumnus and hope that many others will join the list.”
—from page 3 of the December 1947 issue of the Alumni Journal



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