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In order to watch the scientific lectures, you must be a current member (annual or life) of the Alumni Association. Current members can request the password for the scientific lectures by contacting Lory Sanchez at You do not need the password to watch the vespers, devotionals, concert or gala videos.




Devotionals, Saul Barcelo, Chaplain at the LLU Children’s Hospital

Friday Night Vespers, Greg Boyle (described as the Gandhi of the gangs of LA), Author of “Tattoos on the Heart”

Friday Morning Devotional – Barcelo (12:31)

Friday Night Vespers – Boyle (30:20)

Sunday Morning Devotional – Barcelo (10:25)

Monday Morning Devotional -Barcelo (10:11)




International Medicine and Human Rights,
with Gilbert M. Burnham, MD, PhD

Friday Opening Plenary Session - the Jack W. Provonsha Lectureship - Lecture #5 (57:36)


International Medicine and Human Rights: Case Studies,
with Gilbert M Burnham, MD, PhD, Richard He. Hard, MD, Roy Branson, PhD

Friday Plenary Session II, Round Table – Lecture #10 (41:22)


The Future of Breast Cancer is Now,
with Sharon Lum, MD

Friday Plenary Session III - Lecture #20 (44:54)


How Promising is the Future of Colorectal Cancer,
with Mark Reeves, MD, PhD

Friday Plenary Session IV - Lecture #30 (1:01:02)


The Future in Pain Management,
with Lowell W. Reynolds, MD

Friday Optional Box-Lunch Symposium (52:46)


New Challenges in Pediatric Leukemia – A Bright Future,
with Joan D. Morris, MD

Friday Plenary Session V - Lecture #40a  (32:09)


Stem Cell Transplant 2012 and Beyond,
with Christopher L. Morris, MD

Friday Plenary Session V - Lecture #40b (1:33:42)



How Sure is the Future of Our Health Care Reform,
with Rebecca J. Patchin, MD

Sunday Plenary Session I – Walter Macpherson Memorial Lectureship - Lecture #70 (57:25)


The Future of Perioperative Management,
with Richard Applegate II, MD

Sunday Plenary Session II - Lecture #80 (54:25)


Current Practice in the Prevention of Infectious Diseases,
with Michael B. In, MD

Sunday Plenary Session III - Lecture #90 (50:39)


When Generations Collide in the Workplace and Classroom,
with Lawrence Loo, MD, Leah Hans, MD, Philip Gold, MD, Sam Baz, MD, Leigh Van Vranken, MD

Sunday Plenary Session IV - Lecture #100 (1:58:20)



The Future of Health Care – The Role of Preventative and Integrative Medicine,
with Richard H. Carmona, MD

Monday Plenary Session – Percy T. Magan Memborial Lectureship, Keynote Address - Lecture #130 (1:09:27)


The Future of Medicine: How Environmental and Other Factors Influence Our Genetic Expression,
with Pejman Katiraei, DO

Monday Plenary Session II - Lecture #140 (50:54)


Hospitalists: Delivering Care for 15 Years,
with David H. Kim, MD

Monday Plenary Session III - Lecture #150 (42:27)


GI Disorders, Fibromyalgia and Inflammation: Inflammatory Effects of Food and Chemicals,
with Jan Patenaude, RD, CLT

Monday Plenary Session IV - Lecture #160 (59:31)


Sodium and Health: Has Salt Lost its Savor,
with James I. McMillan, MD

Monday Plenary Session V - Lecture #170 (56:53)


Adult Immunizations: Time to Get Your Shots,
with Raymond Y. Wong, MD

Monday Plenary Session VI - Lecture #180 (45:35)




APC 2012 Gala (2:31:29)

Honoring Dr. Larry Thomas ’74 (1:29)

Honoring Dr. David Small ’62 (1:22)

Honoring Dr. Weldon Schumacher ’62 (1:11)

Honoring Dr. George Petti ’62 (1:17)

Honoring Dr. Pierce Moore, Jr. ’44-B (1:38)

Honoring Dr. Janesta Janzen ’62 (1:30)

Honoring Dr. Richard Hart ’70 as the Alumnus of the Year (3:55)

Dr. Hugh Watkins ’62 receives the Iner Sheld-Ritchie Presidential Award (5:14)


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