Dr. Anderson-Gillespie helps deliver placenta during hurricane


In Miami a few days ago, the baby of David and Tatyanna had already been born safely, but the placenta was stuck. Hurricane Irma stormed outside, keeping medical personnel from reaching the couple. Alumna Kendra Anderson-Gillespie ’14 was the physician who found herself on the phone with the parents, spending 45 minutes talking through the placenta’s safe delivery with them. The family were later taken to the hospital, where they met their young OB-GYN in person. 

Dr. Anderson-Gillespie’s godfather is Hansel Fletcher, PhD, assistant dean for Graduate Student Affairs at LLU School of Medicine. The dean’s office reports that he was “extremely proud” of his goddaughter. 

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(Photo: Kendra Anderson-Gillespie, right, and her mother, Charmain Anderson, left, pictured during Family Day. Photo and caption taken from the School of Medicine Report.)

Sources: September 13, 2017, School of Medicine Report and CNN.com.