The vision of the Alumni Association is not only connecting alumni with alumni but also connecting alumni with students. We offer a variety of resources to support you on your journey toward a medical career. Many of our alumni have graciously volunteered to answer questions, host students traveling for senior interviews or away rotations, review resumes, and even mentor students. Take this opportunity to contact our alumni and start making connections that could last a lifetime.

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    General Support

    Contact anyone from our list of alumni who are willing to answer questions you may have.

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    Host Program

    Connect with alumni who have volunteered to provide assistance, such as a place to stay and/or transportation to students traveling for clinical rotations or residency interviews.

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    Resume Review

    As you begin to prepare your applications for residency, you can contact one of our alumni who have volunteered to help review resumes.

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    Finding quality input can be challenging, especially in the field of medicine. This is why we have invited alumni to help mentor students through their journey. If you would like to receive mentorship, contact one of our alumni who have volunteered to help.

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    Student Ambassador Program

    Help us build our community and be rewarded for it.