Frequently Asked Questions

It means you will “attend” all APC lectures, meetings, or events by using your computer (or other device) to watch them online. For example, CME lectures and the APC Gala will be broadcast online at scheduled times for you to watch, and meetings like the alumni business meeting (i.e., the “Sunday Luncheon”) will be held by video conference for you to join. Worship services and other events hosted by LLU Homecoming will also be available to stream. The only exception to all activities being virtual would be if your class decides to have its reunion in person.

That’s certainly a possibility! You could stream from your smartphone using a Wi-Fi connection or your phone’s data plan, or you could even make plans to watch on, for example, your large, wall-mounted TV—ideally with a few friends and family.

We will do our best to provide clear instructions for watching lectures or joining meetings during the weekend, but it may be helpful for you to ask for some help from a family member or friend if needed. Unfortunately, if you don’t have internet access, you won’t be able to watch APC events unless you want to stream from your phone using your cellular data.