Dr. Davis passed away November 30, 2017

August 20, 1931 – November 30, 2017

Clyde Lawrence Davis ’61 was born in Oconto, Wisconsin, just north of Green Bay, on August 20, 1931. He had two siblings, Chuck, deceased, and Charlotte Des Jardins, who lives in Green Bay.  He died November 30, 2017, after complications from a fractured hip, sustained in a fall.

Larry’s father died at an early age of a heart attack when Larry was just 7 years old. His mother then worked outside the home and raised the family. Larry attended high school at Broadview Academy in La Grange, Illinois, where he met Janice Larson who later became his wife. 

After one year of college, Larry enlisted in the Navy, training as a dental prosthetic technician. He then took pre-med and went on to Loma Linda University Medical School, followed by a residency in orthopedic surgery at the White Memorial Medical Center. Dr. Davis practiced for about 30 years at the White Memorial and Beverly Hospitals, during which time they lived in San Gabriel.  He was actively involved in the residency program. Dr. Davis served as Chairman of the Orthopedic Department from December, 1990, until his retirement in 1996, and was the founding President of the Alonzo Neufeld Society.

In 2000, Dr. Davis and his wife moved into a home they had built in Redlands.  After almost 55 years of marriage and a long battle with cancer, Jan passed away in January of 2007.   

Larry and Janice had two children:  Carrie and Mark.  Carrie Reid, R.N., lives with her husband, Mike, in Boise, Idaho.  Mark Davis, D.D.S., lives with his wife, Michele, in Manhattan Beach.  Larry and Jan had three grandchildren:  Pahl and Frankie Sayeski; and Audrey Davis.

Later, Dr. Davis met Kay Butler, and they married in 2009, and lived in Loma Linda and Dana Point until Larry’s passing. Kay has two grown children:  Mark and Melissa.

(Source: Family of Dr. Davis)