George Rue’s lifetime support of Seoul Hospital

An article published in Mission 360º, the official mission magazine of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, features George H. Rue ’29 and his tireless efforts to bring Christian health care to the people of South Korea for decades. Dr. Rue’s efforts in Korea began in 1929 when he began to learn Korean. Two years later he started a small clinic in Seoul. In the mid-1930s his dream of building a hospital took form and a 138-bed hospital was constructed: the Seoul Hospital.

Dr. Rue’s work was interrupted by World War II and then the Korean War, but he persisted. Eventually, another dream of his to expand the hospital slowly became reality thanks to supportive patients and church members. In 1976, the expansion project was completed.

Read the magazine article about him, “More Than Medicine,” online here. The article begins on page 10. Visit the Mission 360º website to watch a video about Dr. Rue called “Building the Future.” 

(Photo: Screen shot from the online article “More Than Medicine.”)