Below are approximately 70 images of formal and intimate oil paintings, primarily of Loma Linda University School of Medicine faculty and honored alumni, and a series of informal pen and ink drawings and caricatures of faculty from the Golden Age of the College of Medical Evangelists.

About the Artist

Dr. Wesley Kime 53-A “is a serious artist who was sidetracked by medicine.” After retiring from pathology at Kettering Medical Center in 1994, Dr. Kime proceeded with serious painting. “My second career (non-profit) requires as much study, intense thought, and practice as medicine.” He now paints mostly portraits, after the manner of Sargent, Zorn, Silverman, and Rembrandt, going for informal poses.

Faculty Portraits

Commissioned in 2003 by the Alumni Association and the LLU administration to commemorate the years of transition and consolidation at Loma Linda, 1960-2014, the series was painted by Dr. Wesley Kime ’53-A and took over ten years to complete. Certain of the larger originals are on permanent display in the Coleman Pavilion on the campus of LLU. A hardback book of approximately 50 of these rich, full-color paintings was published by the Alumni Association in 2005. Entitled “Portraits,” the book includes brief commentary on the paintings and was edited by Dr. Raymond Herber ’57. 

Faculty Caricatures

Created by Dr. Wesley Kime 53-A, these are finished versions of 30-second sketches of medical school classmates and teachers, done some 60 years ago. The series was published in 1994 by the Alumni Association as a hardback book entitled “Giants of CME,” and selected drawings are presently on display in the Alumni Association building