The Alumni Association is made up of various boards and councils to keep it running. Each of these groups is made up of medical alumni volunteers who volunteer their time to ensure that the organization is successful. We are very grateful for their dedication and support.

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  • Board of Directors

    Oversees the activities and business of the Alumni Association and is responsible for ensuring its legal, ethical, and financial integrity.

  • Executive Committee

    Handles the day-to-day running of the Alumni Association.

  • Student Affairs Council

    A council of medical students that works with the Alumni Association to develop projects that benefit students.

  • Alumni in Mission Service (AIMS) Council

    Works to assist medical alumni serving overseas as well as create mission opportunities for medical alumni willing to serve.

  • Media Advisory Council

    Oversees the media of the Alumni Association, including the ALUMNI JOURNAL, website, photography, and video production.

  • APC Governing Council

    Plans and prepares the Annual Postgraduate Convention event.

  • Alumni Fundraising Council

    Oversees the Alumni Association’s fundraising activities.

  • Financial Advisory Council

    Oversees the Alumni Association’s finances.