No one gets anywhere on their own. People and organizations have supported you in your life journey. The Alumni Association’s goal is to be that support for our alumni and soon-to-be alumni. We strive to build a community of alumni helping alumni. Below are opportunities to pay it forward with the Alumni Association. Many hands make light work, so we hope you will join us in achieving this goal by donating your time, knowledge, and resources.


For almost 100 years, the Alumni Association has been providing ways for alumni to connect in person and from afar. The Annual Postgraduate Convention (APC), class reunions, alumni trips, and ALUMNI DIRECTORY are just a few ways we keep you connected. We are always looking to improve and will continue to find meaningful ways to connect you with other alumni.


We aim to foster a community where alumni work together to create a better tomorrow. From alumni collaborating to create media like the ALUMNI JOURNAL, videos, and podcasts to graduates helping fellow physicians and students further their careers through our online support networks, we believe our alumni are creating positive change. We encourage you to get involved.


We are proud of the kind and caring hearts of our alumni. Your generosity extends beyond the hospital and clinic. Thank you for what you do to make the world a better place. We invite you to consider partnering with us to help us pay it forward in big and small ways so that your kindness may inspire others. In the subsequent pages, you will learn more about opportunities to let fellow alumni and students know that you care.



Your tax-deductible donation of $10,500 will be double-matched by the Alumni Association and Loma Linda University School of Medicine for a scholarship total of $31,500. This amount will cover 50% of a junior or senior’s current tuition and fees for one year. You will also have the opportunity to mentor the student your donation is matched to.

$10,500 to support a student for one year


Going through medical school is challenging. Rising costs are adding to the stress of what is already an intense degree. We invite you to join us in supporting students in big and small ways. Your funds and time will go a very long way to let students know they are loved and cared for.

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    Emergency Student Fund

    Help provide financial assistance to medical students who, because of unforeseen circumstances, are unable to pay for basic living expenses.

    Starting at $20

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    Lending Library

    Reduce student expenses by donating a book to the Lending Library, which loans textbooks and study materials.

    $50 for one medical text book

  • null

    Mission Trip and Elective Assistance

    Support students in their international mission experience by contributing to the cost of their airfare.

    Starting at $100

  • null

    After Exams Treats

    Rejuvenate students by helping to provide food and drinks after their major exams.

    $500 for one class meal

  • null

    Research Poster Printing

    Help students present their research by providing them with free poster printing.

    $120 for one large poster print

  • null

    ERAS Portraits

    Give students the best chance to make a great first impression by contributing towards their Electronic Resident Application System (ERAS) portraits.

    $40 for one professional portrait ($8,000 per class)

  • null

    Senior Memory Book

    Help senior student remember their time at medical school by supporting the creation of a graduating memory book.

    $5,000 for yearbooks for one class

  • null

    APC Gala Dinner

    Provide graduating students the opportunity to dress up, spend quality time with their classmates, and make new alumni connections at the APC Gala dinner.

    $1,200 for one student table

  • null

    Herber Scholarship

    Provide worthy senior students with a $500 Herber scholarship during their senior banquet.

    $500 for one senior student

  • null

    Black Padfolio

    Allow seniors to look more professional by providing them with a black padfolio to take with them on interviews.

    $12 for one padfolio ($2,400 per class)

  • null

    Computer Briefcase

    The first day of school is always daunting. Fortunately, freshmen receive a free gift to help them carry all their new materials.

    $10 for one briefcase ($2,000 per class)

  • null

    White Coat Embroidery

    Entering rotations is an exciting time. Help commemorate the work and effort students have put in by funding the embroidery of their name onto their white coat.

    $12 for one embroidery ($2,400 per class)

  • null

    Senior Mugs

    Some items are small but meaningful. Senior mugs given before graduation display all the names of their classmates.

    $5 for one student mug ($1,000 per class)

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    Senior Host Program

    Make students feel welcome during their residency interviews by hosting them at your home.

    Starting at 12 hours per student request

  • null


    Share your time and expertise with the physicians of the future.

    One hour per conversation

  • null

    Resume Review

    Assist students in increasing their chances for an interview by looking over their resumes and residency applications.

    One hour per resume feedback


Our alumni create positive change around the world. Alumni missionaries have sacrificed to serve in countries that are far away from their homes, and we want to support them as much as possible. Help us help them continue their important work.

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    Overseas Mission Volunteer

    Support alumni missionaries by donating your skills at a mission hospital.

    Starting at one week of service

  • null

    Give Us a Break

    Give fellow alumni a break by filling in for them while they return to the USA.

    Starting at four weeks

  • null

    Mission Travel Assistance

    Many physicians are willing to volunteer overseas but may not be able to afford it. Help them assist these volunteers by subsidizing their travel expenses.

    Starting at $250

  • null

    Patient Aid

    Help our alumni support patients who are unable to afford medication or procedures by paying for lifesaving drugs or operations.

    Starting at $100

  • null

    Shipping Containers

    Your donation will aid in transporting much-needed equipment into the hands of our missionaries abroad.

    Starting at $500 ($9,000 per shipping container)

  • null

    Suitcase of Supplies

    Many alumni missionaries are lacking general supplies that most people living in the USA take for granted. Help ship necessities to them by sponsoring a suitcase full of supplies.

    $400 per suitcase


Stories connect us and help us feel like a part of a bigger picture. We strive to connect alumni and share alumni stories that are inspiring through print, video, podcasts, and social media. We invite you to share your stories with us by emailing us at and to partner with us to create this content.

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    Video Stories

    Help us share messages of hope through the power of storytelling.

    $3,000 to support the creation of one video story

    (Production credit will be given to donors who contribute $3,000 or more.)

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    Provide valuable information to students and alumni by supporting our podcasts, which cover a variety of topics.

    $2,000 to support the creation of one series of podcasts

    (Production credit will be given to donors who contribute $2,000 or more.)

  • null


    Support our effort to provide quality alumni news and stories to as many people as possible through the ALUMNI JOURNAL.

    Starting at $20

  • null


    Have an English degree background that you want to utilize? Help us proofread the ALUMNI JOURNAL before printing.

    Two hours per issue

  • null

    ALUMNI JOURNAL Archivist

    Preserve history by locating old copies of the ALUMNI JOURNAL that will be scanned for our digital archive.

    Starting at one hour

  • null


    Assist us in ensuring the ALUMNI DIRECTORY is as accurate as possible by volunteering to verify names and addresses.

    Starting at one hour


Physicians live busy lives, and we understand that your time is valuable. This page lists general funds where you can make a quick donation to an area of your choice. These funds are managed by councils of your fellow alumni to ensure that your donation will make the biggest impact.

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    Alumni Association Fund

    Do you appreciate the work of the Alumni Association but do not know where to give? Donate to this fund, and we will make sure that it is used in a meaningful way.

  • null

    Student Fund

    Want to make a difference in the lives of students? Donations to this fund will be directed toward student causes in need of immediate funding.

  • null

    Mission Fund

    Have a passion for mission but are not sure which project to support? This fund will ensure that your gifts make a difference in the mission field.

  • null

    Media Fund

    Donations to this fund will help create inspiring and informative media for alumni, students, and the general public.

  • null


    Support the work of the Alumni Association by paying your annual membership dues. Annual dues ensure the Alumni Association is able to continue supporting the needs of alumni and students.

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    Class Funds

    Be a part of something bigger by contributing to your class fund. Class funds help pay for class communications, reunions, and your class gift.



Give a gift that allows all of these projects to continue. Perpetual memberships keep the Alumni Association active, growing, and able to support our current and future alumni. We are financially separate from Loma Linda University and rely on alumni memberships to operate. We invite you to join your fellow alumni in becoming a perpetual member or upgrading your perpetual membership today.  Each year, the individual with the highest membership upgrade will receive the Raymond Herber Loyalty Award.