Alumni Association past presidents meet for reports and alumni honoree selections


On Sunday, October 30, 2016, 19 past presidents of the Alumni Association met for the annual Presidents’ Council Dinner at the Wong Kerlee Conference Center on the Loma Linda University campus. The council meets to receive reports from the past year by the president and executive director as well as vote for upcoming alumni honorees.

Immediate past president P. Basil Vassantachart  ’79-B welcomed everyone to the dinner and current president Mark E. Reeves ’92 opened with prayer. Following a delicious Thanksgiving-themed meal, Hubert C. Watkins ’62 presented an updated and expanded edition of his poem about past presidents of the Association called “After Dinner at APC.”

As to the business of the evening, Dr. Reeves first thanked Dr. Vassantachart for admirably assuming extra responsibilities prior to his term as president. He then reported briefly on the audit of the Association’s finances, saying that while there was still improvement to be made it was better outcome than the last audit. He concluded by sharing his enthusiasm for the new Alumni Association website, mentioning how excited the medical students looked upon seeing it at the Student Affairs Council the previous week.

Calvin Chuang, executive director of the Association, took the stage and thanked each of the staff members for his or her work. He told the presidents about Jon Hwang, who is his replacement in the videography department and who will be creating a number of videos highlighting the work of the Association to be shown at the Annual Postgraduate Convention in March 2017. Calvin addressed the upcoming APC weekend and its new collaboration this year with the university-wide Homecoming event. He said the Alumni Association was working hard to keep the “core and culture of APC alive.”

Calvin then brought to the projector screen the new alumni website that had gone live just days before. More than 100 new accounts had been made in that time, primarily by the younger half of the alumni population. He stressed that the goal for the website was to provide greater opportunity for connection and interaction between alumni themselves and with the Association. Some highlights he noted were the mentorship feature, the opportunity to connect with and host seniors during their interviews, Match advice contributed by Barbara J. Orr ’70, and an interactive map and powerful search tools that make it easy for alumni to find alumni near them and expand their professional networks with other alumni.

With reports done, Dr. Reeves led out in discussion before voting took place for the six 2017 Honored Alumni and the Alumnus of the Year. Final awardee selections will be announced at the 2017 APC Gala in March. Following the votes, Dr. Reeves thanked everyone and concluded the evening’s business.

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