Provide junior and senior students with a 50% tuition discount for two school years. Each donated dollar will be matched by the Alumni Association and Loma Linda University School of Medicine. Students receiving the scholarship will be in contact with your class.

$21,000 per two-year student scholarship
$262,500 endowment to provide one scholarship per year


The Alumni Association Community Scholarship (AACS) is a paying-it-forward scholarship designed to assist junior and senior medical students who are actively involved in their class, the school, or the broader community by providing them with a 50% tuition and fees scholarship for one academic year. Awarded at the beginning of each academic year*, the AACS scholarship aims to encourage students to positively impact their sphere of influence during and after their academic lives. Dr. Schumacher ’62 and other generous alumni have donated money and time to invest in your future. They are interested in your success as a physician and an individual. By participating in this scholarship you will have the opportunity to benefit from mentorship of an alumnus and later, to follow their example. For the 2020/21 academic year, ten scholarships will be available, with the potential for renewal if the applicant is a junior. 

*pending successful completion of Step 1 for Junior Students


The student selected for this scholarship will be selected by LLU School of Medicine Dean’s Office and Alumni Association Community Scholarship Committee (AACSC) based on the following criteria:

  • Enrolled and in good academic standing with LLU School of Medicine.
  • A junior or senior student.
  • Demonstrates financial need and is not currently receiving any other scholarships in excess of 20% of tuition.
  • Actively involved in their class, the school of Medicine or the broader community.
  • Is committed to actively supporting the mission of the School of Medicine.
  • Agrees to be featured on the Alumni Association website and contribute to the Alumni Association’s community after graduation.
  • Agrees to connect with their mentor/sponsor on a quarterly basis for updates and advice to be shared.
  • Commit to a covenant relationship with the Alumni Association to paying forward the scholarship within 25 years of receiving the scholarship.



Each scholarship will total $31,500 and be distributed as follows:

  •  $31,500 to cover 50% of the student’s tuition and fees

Funding for this scholarship will be supplied from three sources:

  1.  $10,500 from a School of Medicine alum donation (tax-deductible) or group/class donation
  2.  $10,500** donation match from the Alumni Association Paying it Forward Schumacher Scholarship Fund
  3. $10,500 donation match from LLU School of Medicine (what is the source of these dollars??)

**An additional $1,500 will be withdrawn on top of the $10,500 donation from the Alumni Association Paying it Forward Schumacher Scholarship Fund to cover expenses and operations of the scholarship program. 


Students receiving the scholarship agree to pay forward the amount received to the Alumni Association Paying it Forward Schumacher Scholarship Fund within 25 years of receiving the scholarship. This donation will be 100% tax-deductible to the individual. These funds will be directed as follows: 

  •  66% will be directed toward the Association Paying it Forward Schumacher Scholarship Fund for future scholarship matching 
  •  33% will be directed to the School of Medicine for use on their future scholarships.

During this time the recipient will also be encouraged to take part in the program and provide an additional donation to supply a new scholarship.