Help us build our community and be rewarded for it. The Alumni Association Student Ambassador Program (AASAP) enables Loma Linda University School of Medicine students to become representatives of the Alumni Association. Student ambassadors invite Loma Linda University School of Medicine alumni to sign up or upgrade their Alumni Association perpetual membership. In return for successfully signing up new perpetual members, you will receive an honorarium of 10% of the payment value.

How It Works

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    Become familiar with the mission of the Alumni Association.

    Learn the ways the Alumni Association helps alumni, students, and missions.

  • Learn the various benefits and levels of Alumni Association Perpetual Memberships.

    We will provide you with an information pack.

  • Check our online directory to view the membership status of your alumni family and friends.

    You will need to activate your Alumni Association account to do this.

  • Submit the names of your alumni contacts and await approval code/s.

    You should receive the approval code/s within 72 hours.

  • Contact the alumni and encourage them to become a perpetual member

    Be sure to inform them of the work of the Alumni Association and how they help you as a student.

  • Have alumni include your name and approval code with their perpetual payment.

    We cannot guarantee you will get your honorarium without this step.

  • Receive your honorarium at the Alumni Association office.

    You will receive 10% of the amount the alumni pay.

Example Scenarios

Family Ties

Sarah Jones is an SM2 LLU Student. She decided to join the Alumni Association Student Ambassador Program after learning that her grandfather is an LLUSM alumnus. After receiving approval, she visits him and lets him know about the ways the Alumni Association is helping her. He decides to become a silver member for $10,000. Upon his $10,000 payment, Sarah will receive a check for $1,000.

Friend Connections

Jonathan Chang is an SM1 LLU Student. He learned about the Alumni Association through Dr. Steven Smith, a close college friend of his father. After learning about the Student Ambassador Program, Jonathan signs and lists Dr. Smith as a contact. Using the Alumni Association directory, he learns that Dr. Smith is already a Gold Perpetual member of the Alumni Association. However, during a visit back home, he and Dr. Smith catch up and Dr. Smith decides to upgrade to Platinum thanks to Jonathan. He decides to pay his $10,000 upgrade in five installments. Jonathan will receive $200 for each installment Dr. Smith pays.