RETINA Roundup interview with Dr. Chan ’80-A

Clement K. Chan ’80-A was interviewed by the RETINA Roundup team about a recent study of his using C3F8 (Octofluoropropane) gas for the treatment of vitreomacular traction on which his team reported in the October issue of RETINA. Dr. Chan’s first reported use of C3F8 more than 20 years ago was at that time controversial. The series of treatments in this study demonstrated slightly better results than the results from Dr. Chan’s first series of patients. 

RETINA Roundup published its follow-up interview with Dr. Chan on October 20 at Dr. Chan explains how he first got the idea to attempt pneumatic vitreolysis, his technique, and more.

Read Dr. Chan’s interview entitled “Pneumatic Vitreoloysis: The Little Bubble that Could.”