Dr. Wesley Kime’s retrospective exhibit of portraits, landscapes, and sketches on display through December 15


S. Wesley Kime ’53-A was an artist long before becoming a physician and has produced art in a variety of forms his entire life. “A Life of Art,” a retrospective exhibition featuring his work—most notably his LLU Faculty Gallery oil paintings—is now on display at the Brandstater Gallery on the La Sierra University campus through December 15, 2016. An article about Dr. Kime and the art exhibition can be found at La Sierra’s website: https://lasierra.edu/article/physician-artist-kime-to-exhibit-a-life-of-art-at-brandstater-gallery

Visit the Brandstater Gallery website for more information on the location and hours of the gallery: http://www.brandstatergallery.com/Current-Exhibit.